"Showing Their Scales" and "The Hockey Farmer"

We are pleased to introduce the works of local B.C. authors KP Wee and Farhan Devji to you:

"Showing Their Scales" contains three tales of lies, lust, and deception. These are short novels which deal with betrayal and revenge, with three main male characters and how they end up hurting the women in their lives.
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"The Hockey Farmer" is a story about Logan Watt, who hails from Cochrane, Alberta, and has to decide whether to rehabilitate the legendary family farm or pursue an unlikely career in professional hockey. The story also shifts to Vancouver and contains numerous Vancouver Canucks references.

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The Hockey Farmer / Showing Their Scales

The Hockey Farmer / Showing Their Scales

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Helpful Links for Research

The following links are listed here as a reference for myself in my extensive research on sports history.

1) Montreal Canadiens 100-year history examining each decade

2) Cleveland Indians history listing seasons and star players

3) Knuckleballs and knuckleballers - the best in history

4) San Diego Padres history

5) Juan Guzman and his sliders

6) Tom Candiotti's career bio

7) The complete list of all major-league knuckleballers

8) The dangers of signing Roy Halladay

9) A directory of Canadian libraries

10) Donna Candiotti's interview

11) SI Inside Pitch ('83 pennant race), 87 Indians, 88 Indians, 94 Dodgers, Vault

12) News (Google)

13) Busch story, 92 Dodgers futility, 92 Gruber's boast (Key almost started ahead of Guzman in playoffs), Ramon 92 Opening Day

Brief Resume Highlights

Writing Experience
- Bleacher Report: contribute articles on the Vancouver Canucks, Boston sports, hockey, and baseball at least three times a week (2007-Present); edit sports-related articles from other posters (2008-Present)
- UCL: developed Career Planning curriculum (2007); consulted on for other curricula issues (2005-Present)
- Consumer Research: submitted unsolicited proposals for improvements on company operations (2005)
- B.U.D. College: developed Grammar curriculum consisting of five levels (2004); edited curricula for other courses (2004)
- KGIC: developed Career Planning curriculum proposal for Surrey campus (2004)
Writing Accomplishments
- Named Bleacher Report Bruins Community Leader (2008)